Happy To Meet You.

I am sitting on my couch while trying to type and my darling little three year old daughter, Roux, just handed to our youngest baby, Luna, (who is one years old and sitting next to me) the pancakes that were left over from breakfast.

Luna has been giving them to me so now I have a pancake hanging out of my mouth. And she is delightfully smashing them too.

Was trying to avoid a lot of carbs today but my child literally is forcing me to eat them lol.

I am going to go take care of this pancake disaster and come back to writing if I can.

20 min later or so.

With a cold cup of once hot coffee by my side- my two little toddlers distracted with entertainment from Sesame Street – and a new view for me. I will stand at my kitchen counter and continue to write this first post of hopefully many.

I have always loved to write and share our life in this way with others.

To connect and cultivate relationships while also gathering my memories and life happenings as though in a journal where I can flip through and look back on.

That is the purpose of this blog… And a bit more.

To name a few things I am wanting to share- here are some.

My Love of Plants.

I have been collecting and growing plants for over five years now and slowly but surely my dream of turning my home into a Green house will come true. I don’t own too many yet but I am excited to share what I am learning about growing indoor plants.

This dream began when I was a little girl.

It all started with my first memories of being at my Grandma Penningtons- when you first walked into her home she had a closed in porch and it was a jungle of different beautiful plants- it was magical to me. I always promised myself when I grew up I too will have a magical garden like hers to wake up to.

One day I’ll take you down that memory lane to my favorite times at her home.

Home Projects

I haven’t done too many recently but I have a few ideas I want to do over this winter and I can’t wait to begin.

My Love of Cooking.

My husband and I love to cook- and I am teaching my girls also how to cook this winter.

Zoey and Poet Our two oldest are 10 and 8. And this year I started giving them a recipe and stepping out of the kitchen and letting them to do the whisking up of it- and then I help them with the baking part. But it is so special to me to see them love learning to bake- it was one of my favorite things to do when I was their age.

These are a few of the things I know I will be sharing about here soon.

And like the beginning of this post I will always share full honest confessions of my day. I actually stopped writing after I got my two littlest girls settled with their sesame street because they didn’t stay settled for very long and so I guzzled my coffee and put away my laptop and focused on the busy life around me.

I am finishing this up at almost midnight while everyone is asleep and the quiet is just- well wonderful.

But I don’t want to forget these moments either that are in between the perfect captures of my day. The moments that are filled with a million moments no one sees- some beautiful and some sprinkled with frustrations. And days where a shower was just not in the books for me and the only time I’ve been out of the house these weeks has been to bring and pick the girls up from school.

So here’s to the beginning of the Chandler Journals.

And also where I climb into bed and go to sleep.

I hope you visit us once again.

Xx Faith

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